Rockford Fosgate - T5652-S - 6.5 inch Component Speaker 150W RMS - 71mm Mounting Depth

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  • component speaker system includes two woofers, two tweeters, and a single external crossover network
  • 6-3/4" Liquid Crystal Polymer fiber woofer cone with VAST butyl surround
  • 1" Liquid Crystal Polymer fiber trilaminate tweeter with copper phase plug
  • multi-function external crossover with tweeter adjustment
  • CEA-compliant
  • power range: 45-150 watts RMS (300 watts peak)
  • sensitivity: 88.5 dB
  • frequency response: 45-40,000 Hz
  • impedance: 4 ohms
  • woofer mounting depth: 2-13/16"
  • mounting hardware included
  • warranty: 1 year

The best yet

Rockford Fosgate has put their best foot forward with the T5652-S, their top-of-the-line 6-3/4" component speaker system. They gave their chief audio engineer full license to go whole hog with the T5 Series speakers, resulting in the culmination of all of Rockford Fosgate's technological advances and research to date — two woofers, two tweeters, and one work-of-art crossover that will rock your world.


You'll see Rockford Fosgate's trademark touches at play in the T5 Series speaker design, along with a little extra awesomeness. Nestled into a compact yet rugged die cast aluminum frame, you'll find a premium woofer cone made of woven Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) fibers for consistent and accurate playback. The specially designed VAST butyl rubber surround expands the surface area of the cone without increasing the size of the basket. Translation? You'll hear deeper, richer lows than you would from most speakers of this size.

The sophisticated 1" LCP fiber tweeter uses a ring radiator design, often found in high-end home speakers, to reproduce the high frequencies with uncommon smoothness, even at high volume levels. A handsome, copper phase plug and neodymium motor structure on both drivers help ensure efficient sound distribution. The system handles up to 150 watts RMS, so you'll have a hard time resisting the urge to crank your tunes.

A crossover to drool over

At the heart of this system is one impressive, multi-function crossover. Rockford Fosgate uses superior components to create a sophisticated crossover network that eliminates the "hot spots" and dropouts caused by inferior crossovers. Customization is a priority with this piece, which includes selectable tweeter levels, selectable bi-amp switching, and more. Plus, an included remote tuning module allows you to make adjustments to this system, even after it's been installed.

Smart installation tools

Rockford Fosgate offers simplified installation on all fronts. FlexFit slot woofer mounting makes it easier to install these speakers in case the factory holes are slightly off. And Discreet Dual Clamp tweeter mounting hardware makes it easier to install your tweeters in flush-mount applications.

All told, this Power T5 system will be the envy of all your friends, but don't worry, with sound so good, you'll make more.

What's in the box?

  • Two Woofers
  • 2 Woofer grilles
  • Two 1" Tweeters (with attached 6" wires)
  • 2 Tweeter trim rings
  • 2 Flush mount top tweeter clamps
  • 2 Flush mount rear tweeter clamps
  • 2 Angled surface mount tweeter housings
  • Crossover
  • 23' CATE cable
  • 1' RJ-25 to power and ground cable
  • Two M4x25mm Machine screws
  • Two M4x10mm Machine screws
  • Two M4x15mm Stud bolts
  • Two M4 nuts
  • 2 Split lock washers
  • Four large 1" Self-tapping Allen head screws
  • Sixteen small 1" Self-tapping Allen head screws
  • 3mm Allen head bit
  • 2mm Allen wrench
  • Multi crossover bracket
  • Four 6mm set screws
  • Installation/Operation instructions

Features and Specs

Speaker Size 6 3/4
Design 2-way
Tweeter Design 1" Dome with phase plug
Tweeter Composition LCP Fiber
Woofer Composition LCP Fiber
Woofer Surround Butyl Rubber
Parts Warranty 1 Year
Labor Warranty 1 Year
Sensitivity 91.5 dB
Frequency Response 45 - 40k Hz
RMS Power Range (Watts) 45-150
Peak Power Handling (Watts) 300
Impedance (Ohms) 4
Top-mount Depth (Inches) 2 13/16
Bottom-mount Depth (Inches) N/A
Cutout Diameter or Length (inches) 5 11/16

Product Research


Woven LCP: Much stronger than aluminum, with better damping qualities, the woven Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) fiber woofer cones are light weight and rigid to decrease distortion and improve bass response.

Butyl Rubber Surrounds: The butyl rubber surrounds dampen unwanted harmonic distortion while maintaining linear geometry under extreme weather conditions. This leads to less distortion, superior frequency response, and superior durability.

VAST Surround: The Vertical Attach Surround Technique (VAST) increases a speaker's effective radiating cone area without increasing the size of the basket.

FlexFit: The Flex Fit frame utilizes slots (where possible) instead of single screw sized holes; allowing slight adjustment of the speaker when mounted.

Klippel Verified: The Klippel distortion analyzer, a device that uses a laser and sophisticated software to do large-scale analysis of drivers in motion, lets Rockford Fosgate optimize the speaker's motor structure, voice coil alignment, and suspension to yield the best possible performance.

Terminals: In addition to male quick slides, the woofers also have set screw terminals that will accept up to 12-gauge bare wire.

Size Classification Note: Some manufacturers, including Rockford Fosgate, call this size speaker a 6-1/2". Because it requires a larger cutout than a standard 6-1/2" speaker, Crutchfield has traditionally referred to this size woofer as a 6-3/4". Please refer to the Crutchfield Vehicle Selector to confirm fit in your vehicle.


Ring Radiator Tweeters: The tweeters use a Ring Radiator design, similar to those in many audiophile home speakers. The Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) fiber diaphragm is supported at two pivot points, with the voice coil attached approximately midway between the two pivots. Since there is a small unsupported diaphragm area, there is less opportunity to develop performance-robbing resonance. The copper phase plug helps prevent phase cancellations.

Mounting: The tweeters have multiple mounting configurations; choose flush or surface mount. The Discreet Dual Clamp (DDC) flush mount system provides concentric clamping pressure around the perimeter of the opening. The surface mount housing can be positioned at two angles, approximately 15° or 30° angle. Depending on the mount used, the installed dimensions are:

  Flush Surface 15° Surface 30°
Mounting Height 0.7" 1.614" 1.8"
Mounting Depth 1.025" Screw Depth Screw Depth
Frame Diameter 2.3" N/A N/A
Cutout Diameter 1.75" N/A N/A
Frame Width N/A 2.302" 2.302"
Frame Depth N/A 2.444" 2.380"

Tweeter Level: A switch on the crossover allows you to adjust the output level of the tweeters; -4 dB, -2 dB, 0 dB, or +2 dB.


Bi-amp: The crossover has discrete inputs for the woofer and tweeter, so each component can be powered by an individual amplifier channel.

Wiring: The crossover inputs and outputs are set screw clamps; they will accept bare wire up to 12-gauge.

Power: In order to make any adjustments, the crossover requires a 12 volt power supply.

Controls: The left and right channels are adjusted individually:

  • Tweeter Level: -4 dB, -2 dB, 0 dB, or +2 dB
  • Tweeter Phase: 0° or 180°
  • Woofer Crossover Frequency: 2.5 kHz or 3 kHz
  • Woofer Crossover Slope: 6 dB/octave or 12 dB/octave

Bracket: A bracket is included so multiple T5652-S crossovers can be stacked together.

Crossover Dimensions:

  • Width: 10-3/16"
  • Height: 2-3/16"
  • Depth: 7-7/16"
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