Parrot - Minikit Smart - Bluetooth hands-free charging holder for Smartphones

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Parrot - Minikit Smart - Bluetooth hands-free charging holder for Smartphones

Parrot Minikit Smart



  • It's a Holder
  • It's a Bluetooth Hands-free
  • It's a phone charger
  • It's a Navigation accessory
  • It's a Parrot
The Parrot MINIKIT Smart is a Bluetooth handsfree kit featuring a Smartphone holder. It can be attached to the windshield or dashboard, enabling you to access the navigation and Smartphone features while keeping your hands on the wheel at all times.

If you want to use your modern smartphone--or any Bluetooth-capable phone for that matter--as a speakerphone and your phone's built-in speakers aren't loud or clear enough, then Parrot's got a solution with the company's Parrot MINIKIT Smart, which serves dual purpose as a smart looking car cradle or windshield mount along as well as a speakerphone. That way, if you've got a GPS-capable smartphone, you can be hands-free and safely driving with your eyes on the road. The speakers will output up to 2W of sound and the MINIKIT Smart has 10 hours of talk time when paired over Bluetooth. The device can also synchronize your phone book--can store up to ten different phone books for the gadget-toting geek with multiple smartphones or for different drivers.

In order to fully benefit from telephone and navigation capabilities of Smartphones, Parrot, leader of wireless peripherals for mobile phones, created the first Bluetooth hands-free and multifunction kit adapted to all models and compatible with all operating systems: Parrot MINIKIT Smart.


True three-in-one solution:

  • Bluetooth hands-free car kit + phone cradle + Smartphone charger
    Can hold every type of Smartphone:
  • Large docking station for 7’’ screen Smartphone
    Operates in landscape and portrait
  • Whatever the phone, the MINIKIT Smart rotates and adapts to screen and menus appearance
    Works with every navigation software (app):
  • Compatible with free and commercial navigation app, and it’s OS independent (works with Android phones)
    Vocal menus
  • MINIKIT Smart announces menus and options
    Automatic phonebook synchronization
  • All your contacts available directly on the Parrot MINIKIT Smart

User Independent Voice Recognition:

  • It recognizes your voice without training: make calls only by pronouncing the correspondent's name
  • It reads the name in the phonebook
    Most extended phone compatibility of the markett
  • Bluetooth compatible with all brands of phones
    Recharges the Smartphone via the USB plug:
  • Enjoy unlimited use of your cell phone
    Integrated multi-position microphone
  • Chose microphone location for best sound quality
    Better sound qualityn
  • Real 2W loudspeaker
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