Kicker - PKD4 - Dual AMP 4 Gauge Power Kit

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Kicker - PKD4 - Dual AMP 4 AWG Power Kit

What's in the box? 

  • 17' Length of 4-gauge power wire terminated with a 5/16" ring-terminal on one end (blue/black jacket)
  • 4' Length of 8-gauge ground wire terminated on both ends with 5/16" ring-terminals (dark gray jacket)
  • 4' Length of 8-gauge power wire (blue jacket)
  • 17' Length of 16-gauge remote turn-on wire (clear jacket)
  • AFS fuse holder
  • 100 amp AFS fuse (installed)
  • Power distribution block
  • Two 7/8" Self-tapping screws (ground)
  • 2 Flat washers
  • 1 Plastic grommet
  • 1 Red butt-connector
  • Six 5" wire ties

This kit delivers all the power your multi-amp system needs

Your amplifiers need hefty power and ground wiring wiring in order to deliver the big power you want. Kicker's PKD4 multi-amp wiring kit includes the basic power, ground, and turn-on wiring for any amp system with a total fuse rating of up to 100 amperes. This kit is suitable for a system with a total output of about 650 watts RMS for Class AB amps or about 1000 watts RMS for Class D amps.

The kit includes a 17-foot 1/0-gauge power wire that runs from your battery to the included distribution block, along with two 4-foot lengths of 4-gauge wire that'll readily accommodate two amplifiers. Kicker makes all their wires from oxygen-free copper so you can count on maximum power and signal transfer with minimum resistance or interference.

The PKD4 kit also includes Kicker's DB4 power distribution block, which takes the 4-gauge input and sends it to four outputs (4- to 8-gauge) — you can power up to four amplifiers with the one main power cable that runs from your battery. The DB4 block features a second 1/0- to 8-gauge input so you can daisy-chain another distribution block or amplifier into your system, if you want to expand later.

Product Highlights:

  • multi-amplifier power wiring kit
  • cables meet or exceed the American Wire Gauge specifications and requirements
  • 17 feet of 4-gauge power cable with attached ring terminal and protective wire loom — blue
  • 4 feet of 8-gauge ground cable with attached ring terminals — gray
  • 4 feet of 8-gauge power cable — blue
  • 17 feet of 16-gauge turn-on lead wire — clear
  • Kicker DB4 distribution block — two 1/0- to 8-gauge inputs, four 4- to 8-gauge outputs
  • AFS fuse holder and 100-amp fuse
  • assortment of installation hardware and cable ties


Dual Amplifier 4-AWG Kit: This kit includes the following:

  • One 17' length of 4-gauge power wire (terminated on one end by a 5/8" wide, 5/16" diameter ring-terminal)
  • One 4' length of 8-gauge ground wire (terminated on both ends by a 1/2" wide, 5/16" diameter ring-terminal); this wire will be cut into two pieces, each with a ring terminal on one end, to supply ground wires for two amps
  • One 4' length of 8-gauge power wire; this wire will be cut into two pieces to supply power wires for two amps (connected between the distribution block and the amps)
  • One 17' length of 16-gauge remote turn-on lead
  • AFS fuse holder
  • 100A AFS fuse (installed)
  • One power distribution block with two ports for up to 1/0-gauge wire and four ports for up to 4-gauge wire; all six ports are shorted together, so any combination of them can be used
  • Two 7/8" self-tapping ground screws with flat washers
  • One plastic grommet
  • Six 5" wire ties
  • One red butt-connector

Hyper-Flex Power Cable: The power and ground wires feature Hyper-Flex jackets for easy installation. Four feet of the power wire is covered with a wire loom to protect it in the engine compartment.

Silver Tinned OFC Copper: The power and ground cables are silver tinned OFC copper. The 4-gauge is 1862 strand wire, the 8-gauge is 735 strand wire.

Fuse Holder: The fuse holder requires a 5mm Allen wrench to secure the input and output wires, and to change the fuse. There are four holes in the base for mounting and the dimensions are approximately:

  • Width: 3-1/2" (without adding for the wires)
  • Height: 1-3/8"
  • Depth: 1-5/8"

Distribution Block: The power distribution block has two 1/0-gauge inputs and four 4-gauge outputs. Each port will also accommodate smaller wire (smaller that 8-gauge not recommended). All six ports are shorted together, so any combination of them can be used. The dimensions are approximately:

  • Width: 2-3/4"
  • Height: 1-1/4"
  • Depth: 1-7/8" (without adding for the wires)
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