JL - C2-525 5.25 inch Component

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JL - C2-525 5.25 inch Component

Evolution C2: TechnologiesC2 Coaxial and Component Systems For a car speaker to excel it must be thoroughly engineered in all areas. The woofer design must deliver sufficient efficiency, smooth mid-range response and good low-frequency extension. The tweeter must be smooth off-axis, exhibit good extension and be non-fatiguing, while the crossover design must seamlessly blend the sound of the drivers so that the end result is clean, realistic audio performance. In designing the new C2 Coaxial and Component Systems, we have drawn from our vast experience in woofer design as well as the tweeter technologies employed in our world-class C5 component systems. The resulting products deliver a compelling performance solution at a price within reach of any enthusiast seeking a great listening experience.Killer BassHow do we get great bass from our component speakers? The same way we get it from our legendary subwoofers. more info... Loud and Clear It&#39 s not terribly difficult to make a speaker that sounds pretty loud in the midrange. This common approach leads to speakers that grab your attention at first (loud tends to do that), but more info...Silky Smooth Tweeter
Ahh, the tweeter everybody has a story about their tweeter. more info... Stylish Grille Design
All models, except the C2-350x and C2-570x, include front-loading protective grilles with a striking new design that combines black steel mesh with satin silver accents. Electroformed logo nameplates can be positioned on the grilles or elsewhere in the vehicle, according to the needs of the installation.


Description: 5.25&#34 (13cm) POLYPROPYLENE/MINERAL MID BASS MOUNTING DEPTH 63.5mm 0.75&#34 (19mm) SILK DOME FERROFLUID TWEETER 2 WAY CROSSOVER 60 W/RMS, 4 OHM 89.0 dB 1W/1M, 63 - 22,000 HzGrilles Included

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