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GPS vehicle trackers can be invaluable for not only ensuring productivity among your fleet of delivery vehicles but can also help you mold our teen driver into a responsible motorist for years to come. Our real-time car tracker solution gives you up to the moment location updates.

If you are wondering if your driver as gone off course, or your teen is out past curfew, Our real-time car tracker solution can give you the answers you need. Detailed reports will tell you exactly where a vehicle has been, and how fast it was going.

The control unit is very small in size , about the size of a cigarette packet. Inside, is one of the lastest high sensitivity GPS receivers, a GSM modem and SIM card slot, and backup battery.

This real-time car tracker solution runs off your vehicles power so you never have to worry about running out of batteries.

This powerful hidden car tracker puts you in total control of individual vehicle fleets and drivers will never know it is there unless you tell them.

Once the unit is placed in a vehicle the user only needs a mobile phone to check its location. The cellar data connection can work both ways, allowing you to communicate with you vehicle and remotely immobilise your vehicle by disabling the power with a simple text message.

If you choose you can also use the real-time car tracker in GPRS (internet) tracking mode, which will give you a full range of features. GPRS web tracking subscription is included in the price. Through the web tracking platform you are able to receive speed alerts via email if a vehicle exceeds the speed limit you have selected. You can also set virtual fences, which enables you to receive email alerts the moment a vehicle enters or exits a predefined zone.

GPRS tracking enables you to access highly detailed reports of a car or travel history, on addition to viewing the trackers location in real time on a map. GPRS tracking using a web platform has the advantage of being able to track your vehicle from any PC, Laptop or a smartphone that has internet access, compared to PC software tracking which limits you to only one server computer.

Our real-time car tracker solution only requires a normal 3G compatible SIM card and is ready to use.

In SMS only mode there are no monthly fee or additional charges other than the text messages sent or received from your tracker

In GPRS (internet) mode, Our real-time car tracker uses 10mb to 20 mb data per month with unlimited location reports.


OVERSPEED LIMIT – You can set a speed limit and the real-time car tracker will alert you if that limit is breached.

MOVEMENT ALERT – When stationary for more than 30 seconds, the real-time car tracker will allow its GPS module to turn off and save power. The built-in movement sensor can also be used to receive alerts if your vehicle has been moved, tampered with or involved in an accident.

REMOTE IMMOBILISING – The real-time car tracker can remotely immobilise you vehicle by cutting off power or fuel with a single command through text text message or web platform, the vehicle will remain in locked state until the alarm status had been removed by the authorised user.

 ACC (Ignition) DETECTION – The real-time car tracker can automatically arm disarm its alarm system by checking the ignition status of your vehicle. Once you turn the ignition off and remove your key, it will automatically arm the shock and movement sensor after 5 minutes (adjustable). To disarm it you simply need to switch the ignition back on.

GPRS (internet) TRACKING SUBSCRIPTION – Supplied with free subscription to live tracking server. The server can be accessed from your laptop or PC and has a mobile version so you can access it from your smartphone.

VOICE SURVEILLANCE – You can listen to the real-time car tracker surroundings through the built in microphone. Once the voice monitor mode is turned on, all you need to do is to call your real-time car tracker's phone number. It will answer your call and you can simply listen though the microphone. Just like a regular hands free call.

PHONE CALL ALERTS – This is a unique feature of the real-time car tracker. When an alarm is triggered, unlike many other real-time trackers, the real-time car tracker can notify pre-set numbers with a phone call as well as a text message. If you answer the call you will be able to listen to your vehicle's surroundings through the external microphone supplied.

EXTRAS - In SMS tracking mode the real-time car tracker can send location reports as google maps links. If you are using a smartphone and have google maps app installed by clicking on the link it will open in google maps with a pinpoint on you vehicle location.

The real-time car tracker has a built in 450maH backup battery and in case of power failure can operate for about 5 hours.

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