SONY - WX900BT BT / CD / iPod

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SONY - WX900BT BT / CD / iPod

MEGA BASS boost with 10-band EQ for enhanced dynamics 

Add deep bottom end to any track by activating the MEGA BASS switch. Two boost modes let you control how much bass is added, and the 10-band EQ helps you sculpt the sound even further.

NFC™ One-touch for instant Bluetooth® pairing

Now you can get a wireless connection without complicated setup sequences. Simply tap your NFC-compatible mobile on the receiver’s volume knob for instant Bluetooth pairing. 

MTP compatibility keeps your phone working like a phone

Now you can use your Android™ phone to play music, and still be able to use the full features of your phone. MTP (Media Transform Protocol) compatibility lets you access your phone’s memory while taking calls, sending texts, or reading emails.

Bluetooth® auto-pairing for with USB 

Want to set up a Bluetooth connection for your iPhone or iPod? Hook it up to the USB input with your charging cable, and the receiver will do the rest.

Dynamic Reality Amp 2 for clear, powerful sound 

The Dynamic Reality Amp 2 gives you 4 x 55W of power, so you can play music as loudly or softly as you like. The amp has 47% less internal resistance than conventional units, for increased output and clear, natural sound at any volume.

Wireless streaming with Bluetooth®

Wirelessly stream your favourite tracks and apps with Bluetooth. Pair your smartphone or tablet with this Bluetooth-enabled in-car receiver, and you can enjoy your music and even control the playlists and volume right from your head unit.

High contrast screen for easy reading

With a wider viewing angle and five times higher contrast than a conventional screen, the Vertical Alignment screen is always easy to read.

Sound-synchronised illumination brings excitement to any trip

Bring your music to life, with LED lights that pulse to the beat of the track.

Plug in and play with the front USB port

Want to access your digital music collection on the go? Play songs from a smartphone, USB stick or MP3 player by connecting to the front USB port.

Connect any music player with the 3.5mm AUX input

Enjoy music from any playback device, by connecting a 3.5mm cable from its headphone-out socket to the receiver’s AUX input.

Match your car’s colours with 2-stage illumination

Add some colour to your journey, with customisable lights. Choose from 35,000 different hues to complement your vehicle’s interior, and set different colours in the screen and button areas.

Do more with Siri® Eyes Free 

Control your Siri-compatible iPhone without even taking it out of your pocket with Siri Eyes Free. Simply press the volume key to activate Siri voice commands for making calls, navigation, setting reminders and much more. Siri Eyes Free can even read out text messages and allow you to safely respond without ever having to touch your phone.

Direct sub-woofer connection lets you bring the bass

Get even more low end by connecting a sub-woofer directly - no additional amplifiers required.

Restore your music files with DSEE

The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) takes compressed digital music files (MP3, ACC and WMA) and restores the high-range sounds that are lost in the compression process. DSEE produces your digital music files in rich, natural sound quality.

Unite your music with SongPal

Download SongPal for your smartphone and take control of your music collection. Simply connect over Bluetooth to enjoy voice control over basic head unit functions, as well as navigation and seamless access to all your favourite tracks, apps, and more on your smartphone. The app can also be used to customise sound settings to ensure great, balanced audio.

Install steering wheel remote controls easily

Want to control playback with buttons on your steering wheel? The Configurable Steering Wheel Remote Input doesn’t need a signal conversion adapter, so setup on compatible cars is easy.

CD player lets you play your old favourites

Got a new album or an old classic on CD? Pop it into the receiver’s slot for immediate playback.

Dynamic Stage Organiser creates virtual speakers on your dashboard

Enjoy authentic-sounding music from any setup, thanks to the Dynamic Stage Organiser (DSO). If your speakers are positioned in your doors, the sound they produce may be affected. DSO re-calibrates their frequency output, making music sound as if it is coming from speakers on your dashboard.

Time Alignment lets you position your sound

Get perfect sound no matter what car you drive. Time Alignment’s ‘sound delay’ feature enhances audio by virtually adjusting your listening position to an optimal level. 

Find your sound with Digital Signal Processing

Bring breathtaking sound to any journey. Digital Signal Processing optimises the audio signal for in-car playback, and the adjustable graphic EQ lets you customise the sound to your liking.

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  • YES (Front)
  • 55W
  • YES (Front)
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