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Inexpensive Vehicle Tracker

FM-Lite GPS Tracking Device

Suits all Australian Vehicles. Inexpensive tracking system & anti-theft. Live web tracking and mobile phone SMS alerts. Ability to remotely immobilise your vehicle or activate the alarm.

GPS Vehicle tracker



  • Personal vehicle tracking (cars, 4WDs, caravans, utes)
  • Bus and coach tracking
  • Company cars, utes, vans and truck tracking
  • Machinery tracking
  • Boats, jet-skis, etc tracking

FM Lite GPS vehicle tracker for cars, vans and trucks



  • Inexpensive tracking solution for one or more vehicles
  • 24/7 monitoring of cars, caravans, vans, trucks, machinery, etc.
  • Ability to remotely disable the equipment, vehicle, machinery, etc.
  • Ability to integrate to an existing vehicle alarm.
  • City-wide and regional 3G communication technology (FM Lite NxtG model)
  • Real time Live Tracking WEB based mapping & management tool (optional).
  • Reports on inefficient staff and assets.
  • Improves customer service by reducing response times.
  • Reduce mileage and vehicle abuse.
  • Safeguard your staff and assets.
  • Reduce insurance premiums.
  • Location report by SMS or Web.
  • Includes FREE tracking mobile phone app


  • Communicates via the 3G / NextG mobile phone network
  • Harsh Driving / Harsh Acceleration / Crash Sensor Port (add-on sensors optional)
  • Overspeed reporting (user defined, GPS measured e.g. You choose to set to over 110 km/h)
  • Backup battery in case of power cut to the main supply.
  • Reporting every 3 minutes whilst the vehicle is moving (optional: every 1 minute)
  • Reporting every 60 minutes when the ignition is off (optional: every 30 minutes)
  • Full access to trip history and web reports
  • 24/12V compatible
  • Compact size measuring 61mm/81mm/20mm (width/length/height)
  • Requires a mobile SIM card for use on the 3G network


  • 3G / NextG communication
  • In-built GPS satellite receiver module for live location, speed and direction updates.
  • 2 Digital Inputs and 2 Digital Outputs (for vehicle alarm inputs/outputs, lock doors, etc)
  • Auxiliary Analogue Input controller (for optional fuel level readings, etc)
  • New microprocessor controlled Fuel Sensor Port
  • Programmable Intelligent reporting system.


  • Harsh-Braking / Harsh-Acceleration / Crash Sensor logging and alerts
  • Fuel Level Sensor monitoring

Other GPS tracking device information

This GPS vehicle tracker can be used in all Australian vehicles, trailers, cars, caravans, vans, trucks as well as in machinery, boats or any other asset that you require to be tracked.

The FM Lite GPS vehicle tracker requires permanent connection to 12v to 24 volt power.  It does have a small internal backup battery that will last for about 24 hours depending on the frequency of location logs sent.  The FM Lite will keep communicating for up to 24 hours if the main vehicle or asset battery is disconnected or goes flat.

If a GPS tracker with a longer battery life is required, the fleetminder TT1 can operate for 60-90 days on battery power, or our fleetminder LP1 model is available with a 3 year battery life.

fleetminder LP1 satellite tracker

(the fleetminder LP1 remote asset tracker with 3 year battery life)

GPS vehicle tracking has become very popular in Australia for both consumer and business applications. Personal GPS vehicle tracking situations include monitoring the safety of young and older drivers and protecting a vehicle whilst parked away from home.

Business use of GPS tracking devices include:

  • Improved customer service and delivery times
  • Better field staff communication
  • OH&S for driver safety
  • Theft detection
  • Asset recovery
  • Monitoring unauthorised use, and
  • Better asset management

GPS tracking devices reduce business vehicle costs (fuel, insurances, down-time) and increase productivity. With so many benefits that come with GPS vehicle trackers many business owners with company or fleet vehicles are choosing to get on-board with the latest in tracking technology.

In Australia, the mobile 2G or 3G networks are used to transfer the data from the GPS trackers. Any area which receives mobile coverage such as all major Australian cities Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Hobart and regional areas are suitable for our general tracking devices.

For remote country use, our fleetminder LP1 and Platinum NxtG+ model GPS trackers communicate via the satellite networks. Contact us for more information.

Fleetminder tracking options

To locate your vehicle (or asset) you can use one methods or BOTH…

(1) With the FREE fleetminder mobile phone app

or (2) With the fleetminder Live Tracking system.

The fleetminder Live Tracking system has additional benefits of 6 month recording of each location message sent by the tracker (usually every 3 minutes), whereas the mobile phone app will only let you know where the vehicle (or asset) is right now (i.e. no trip history).

Click the links above for the benefits of each tracking system.

Free GPS tracking app fleetminder

The FM Lite for use as a vehicle tracker

Installation of the fleetminder FM Lite GPS tracker into a vehicle only requires connection to power, ground and the ignition (for basic operation).

FM Lite NextG tracking device and wiring

(items packaged with the fleetminder FM Lite tracker – GPS antenna, mobile phone antenna, wiring)

Other connections are required for (the optional) remote enabling and disabling of inputs and outputs (for the alarm trigger, siren, starter motor kill, etc).

We recommend the vehicle tracker to be installed by a professional auto electrician or car stereo installer. You can find these specialists in all cities and major towns in Australia. If you get stuck – call our office on 08 9383 7833 as we have a list of good installers around Australia.

The FM Lite tracker was been specifically designed for vehicle tracking and is our most popular product.

For use as a trailer tracker

The fleetminder FM Lite GPS tracker can be installed in any trailer. It’s important to mount the supplied GPS antenna ABOVE any metal component of the trailer (it’s fine to fit the tracker box itself underneath metal). Your main issue will be power.

A connection through the trailer socket connector via the park lamp line can be used for power.  All you have to remember to do is drive sometimes with your park lights on during the day to trickle charge the battery!

Without an external power connection, the FM Lite GPS tracking device will continue to send location logs for up to 24 hours.  Otherwise, you can fit a larger battery in your trailer and connect the FM Lite to that (with the larger battery getting charged from the trailer park lamp line).

For use as a boat tracker

The fleetminder FM Lite GPS tracker can be used on boats as long it stays within 3G mobile network range. If you’ve carried your mobile phone with you on your boating trips you’ll know if you have mobile coverage or not. Obviously the open sea away from land is not applicable.

The FM Lite tracker would normally be connected to the boat battery.  If you have solar panels on the boat then this would insure that your boat tracker has continual power, even if the boat is moored for long periods off time.

If you take the boat out to sea (or if a thief would), then our fleetminder LP1 tracker is suitable for where there is no mobile phone coverage.

Boats over 15 feet (5 meters) suitable for the open sea are a considerable asset.  Implementing a boat tracker system is a wise investment and could possibly give you a discount on your boat insurance premiums.  Contact your insurance company for their policy on boat trackers.

For use as a machinery tracker

The fleetminder FM Lite can be used as a machinery tracker.

HAMM tyre roller

As with the trailer tracker it’s important to mount the supplied GPS antenna ABOVE any metal component of the machinery casing.

A smash resistant plastic case should be mounted on top of the GPS antenna to prevent antenna damage by the potential thief. The FM Lite tracking device itself can be mounted inside the machinery casing for protection – but avoid hot operating areas as much as possible. Again a larger battery can be fitted along with an associated charging circuit.

Our LP1 tracker may be a better option for you as it has internal batteries with a three year battery life.  The LP1 is a satellite tracker so it can be used in remote locations.

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